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Our histology and pathology services for podiatrists provide comprehensive evaluation for a wide range of tissue samples. Our team specializes in processing and staining tissue samples for microscopic examination. We then provide detailed and accurate reports on findings, which help podiatrists diagnose, monitor, and treat their patients. Our lab is equipped with the latest in imaging and processing technology, allowing us to provide timely, accurate results for our clients. In addition, our team is available to consult with podiatrists regarding our findings and provide expert advice when applicable..


Our molecular testing helps podiatrists accurately diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients’ conditions. Our testing is designed to provide information on the molecular makeup of the foot and ankle tissues, as well as the genetic makeup of the pathogens that may be causing the condition. This information can be used to develop targeted treatments and to monitor the progress of the patient. Additionally, our testing can be used to identify and assess the risk factors associated with certain conditions, allowing podiatrists to more effectively plan treatment courses. Our molecular testing also includes antibiotic resistance testing. This allows podiatrists to assess the likelihood that a particular antibiotic will be effective in treating a particular infection. This can help inform treatment decisions and reduce the chances of a patient developing an antibiotic-resistant infection. Furthermore, it can help prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.